Grand Reopening Pictures from this morning

This gallery contains 18 photos.

Thank you to everyone who came out this morning for the grand reopening of the Apollo Beach Nature Park.

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Grand Reopening of the AB Nature Park


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Latest Pictures of the Park

The work at the park is nearly completed and it will be opening soon.
Many thanks to Commissioner Murman and Ross Dickerson with the County for their tremendous support and cooperation.
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Markers being installed this weekend

ABWIG and Tampa Sailing Squadron Volunteers will once again be in the North and Main Channels this Saturday installing marks. As you may know, we installed two “floating” channel marks (#1 &#2) on the main channel a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the recent storm broke the marks loose and they went “on vacation.” We found the green #1 off the shoreline of the TECO plant just north of the North Channel, in about 7’ of water, held fast by the very thick and heavy ship chain that anchored it. We don’t yet know why it broke free, but suspect a 5/8” shackle either failed or unscrewed (although it was wired closed). We will reinstall it in the Main Channel and we plan to place new #1 & #2 floating marks in the North Channel. Hecker Marine Construction plans to install two new pilings today in the Main Channel, on which we will hang #8 and #9 day boards this weekend. This should complete the channel marking.

If the red #2 for the main channel isn’t found, we will order another one and install it in a few months, when it arrives.

As far as the beach goes…. It looks great and wasn’t negatively impacted by the recent storm. The beach is still there and the stone revetments and t-groin did their job, keeping the sand in place. The Gator Dredging crew is completing their work, filling in the spoils containment basin, then removing the dredge piping and heavy equipment. Although the storm did delay re-opening of the park, we expect to have it open the weekend of September 17th.


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Notice: Main Channel #1 and #2 Marks

The number 1 and number 2 floating markers that were installed in the Main Channel last weekend are gone.  We are trying to pinpoint the time that they went missing.  If you have any information please comment on our fb page, the website or email Len Berkstresser  at


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Park Reopening

Due to the inclement weather this week, the AB Nature Park will not be opening this weekend.  I know everyone is anxious for the park to reopen but the rains keep the final phase of the project from being completed.  We will publish the date the park will reopen as soon as it is announced.


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Massimo’s Fundraiser Thank you

Thank you to all who came out and supported the fundraiser and a big thank you to Massimo’s for supporting the “Bring the beach back to Apollo Beach” campaign.



Massimo’s pizza in the Winn Dixie Shopping Center is having a fund raiser to benefit ABWIG.  This will help us raise some of the $3000 we need now to purchase the new channel marks, lights and tackle.  Next Wednesday, July 27th Massimo’s will donate 10% of the days’ sales receipts to help us, “Bring the Beach Back!!!”

They have great pizza, salads, calzones and subs.  Please plan on Massimo’s for lunch or dinner next Wednesday so that we can secure a healthy donation for the ABWIG dredging and beach restoration project…

Thank you,

ABWIG Board of Directors

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Update and thank you from the ABWIG Board

The ABWIG BOD wants to provide an update in the donation totals since we asked the community to raise $4400 at the beginning of July.  We have raised $1385.00.  We are at 32% of our goal.

Special Thanks go out to the following:

Megan Martinez, Teresa Rice, Debbie Caneen, Debra/Eliot Marcus, Dolorene Teper, Bob/Pat McChesney, Barbara Allaert, Todd Gonzales, Dale Dintelmann, Eileen Eletto, Bryan/Carrie Lawson, Elena Stumpe, Mike/Nancy Aldrich and the Tampa Sailing Squadron

For those of you who haven’t yet donated and are in a position to do so, let’s get it done.  This isn’t a Fund Drive for National Public Radio, or a Pledge Telethon for Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  These are YOUR WATERWAYS and YOUR PARK, we (defined as the South Shore Community) need to raise at least $3000.00.  I know we can do this.

You can donate by visiting the ABWIG Website: and clicking on the PAYPal Button.

You can donate by visiting the ABWIG Facebook page and clicking on the FUNDLY Button.

You can send us an old-fashioned check to ABWIG, PO Box 3251 in Apollo Beach, Fl 33572

Thanks for your support,

Len Berkstresser

President of ABWIG

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Progress Report on the Dredging Project

ABWIG volunteers, Board and Community Leaders,
Attached are a series of pictures that document the progress being made dredging, building the beach and re-marking the North Channel.  Please distribute this information to your organizations.  Together with the Hillsborough County Lands Conservation Department, ABWIG and Gator Dredging are making great progress.  The North Channel dredging is complete, the beach at the Apollo Beach Nature Park is 60% complete and North Channel marking to match the new channel’s path is underway.
Since July 1st when we sent out word that we needed to raise an additional $4400.00, we have raised $1130, so we are at 25% of our goal.  We want to thank those listed below for their donations and encourage those of you who have not yet donated to please do so now.  You can donate from ABWIGs Facebook Page by clicking on the FUNDLY button, from our Website by clicking on the PAYPAL button and by sending a check to our PO Box 3251 in Apollo Beach.
Thanks to all for your support as we work to deepen the channels and Bring the Beach Back!!!
Donors since July 1, 2016 for the special campaign:
Theresa Rice, Megan Martinez, Debbie Caneen, Debra & Eliot Marcus, Dolorene Teper, Bob and Pat McChesney, Barbara Allaert, Todd Gonzales, Dale Dintelmann, Eileen Eletto, Bryan & Carrie Lawson, Elena Stumpe and Brailey & Susan Green
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Thank you for your donations

Want to see the latest progress and see the new beach? Check out the latest video:

Since asking for donations specifically for the new pilings, day boards, lights and floating marks, we have received donations of $430.00. This is nearly 10% of our goal of $4400. Thanks to the following for their donations:
• Megan Martinez
• Teresa Rice
• Debbie Caneen
• Debra & Eliot Marcus and
• Dolorene Teper

It you haven’t donated yet, this is the best time to do so. We need your support now!

Y’all are doing great with your donations, we are now over 20% of our goal. Keep it coming, we still have a long way to go… This weekend the North Channel will be re-marked and lit. Please be mindful of the people (ME and Others!!!) working there as you pass through this area. Look for updated pictures on Monday or Tuesday of next week… Thanks everyone in our paradise: Apollo Beach!!! Len

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