Your Community Needs You!!

The Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group (ABWIG) is a volunteer organization that was created 15 years ago to dredge Apollo Beach’s main channels. Since then, sediment deposits and the natural tides have decreased the depth of our channels considerably.  Consequently, the time has come once again for us to join together to work toward the preservation of our waterways.

As you may already know, ABWIG has already obtained the required permits and has been working toward developing a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) to facilitate dredging.

Specifically, ABWIG intends to have three areas in Apollo Beach dredged:

  • The North Channel, adjacent to TECO
  • The South Channel, from Bal Harbor going in to Symphony Isles and Mira Bay
  • The Main Channel, south of Andalucia

Most important is the task of raising the needed funds! A small group of ABWIG volunteers have already raised approximately $90,000 in a very short amount of time. However, much more is needed if we are to successfully undertake this very challenging project. Therefore, it is essential that you get involved and support your community.

You can make a financial donation, get personally active by volunteering your time and talent, or do both!

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13 Responses to Your Community Needs You!!

  1. apollo beach resident says:

    I agree that dredgeing needs to take place here in apollo beach, North and South. I do think that it has to be done correctly though! We are not a beach community, we will not be dredgeing sand. The bottom here is likely made up of fine silt, detritus (dead plant material) and for lack of a better word muck. Stirring this up would be very bad for the ecosystem here if its not done properly. It must be filtered, take a look at the dredging taking place in downtown Bradenton as an example. It has to be done but it has to be done RESPONSIBLY!!! As a land owner here and with deeded rights to the submerged lands in my back yard you nor no one else will touch the bottom without proving many times over that the water quality will not DETERIORATE.

  2. Gary Giordano says:

    We attended the meeting April 17, 2012 . We appreaciated the information and was shocked to learn that Mira Bay has as of yet made any real progress in donations. We are a water front cummunity. If we do not act now we may be cut off from the bay in a short amount of time. Please contact us as soon as possible. We’d like volunteer to get the word out in Mira Bay but need some details.

  3. sue guetzlaff says:

    any plans to dredge the san juan canal? we are horribly silted in on this side – especially in the winter

  4. Pat Austin says:

    The ABWIG Board meets at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at Century 21 Beggins offices on US-41.

  5. I am very much interested in the uo to the moment news on the dredging, particularly as it applies to the canal behind Eagle Drive right behind the golfcourse and the canal between Bunkerview and Golf Island Drive. I have sold homes and have lots on these streets and currently have a client who is holding back on a house on Eagle due to the very shallow depth behind Eagle and its effect on the waterfront value there.

  6. Keith Licursi says:

    I saw a nice article posted a few days ago regarding the Dredging that should start late fall . I notice in the article the focus is on the south canal and the communities around the Andalucia and Symphanie Isles. I’m curious if that will extend back to near the flamingo bridge and Bimini Bay. There is a spot just inside that bridge that is about 40′ long that is only 2′ deep at low tide. The boats bottom for the 2 hrs on either side of low tide in this spot. Is there any chance of this being addressed with this effort?

  7. Cindy Johnson, Commodor- Mirabay community says:

    If permits are not completed by timeframe, what happens to donations for this project.
    We have a meeting tomorrow July 12, at 7:00pm. If possible need info prior to meeting. Thank you for your time.

  8. Frank Sylvia says:

    Len Berkstresser, I lost you phone number! I do have some information for you. Please call me at 813-260-3988

    Frank Sylvia

  9. Frank Sylvia says:

    I am on the Board at Caribbean Isles and I’m sure you know we are trying to get our canals dredged also. I was interested in hearing that you already have all your permits while we are having a difficult time getting them. I will appreciate if very much if someone who was involved in the permitting process would call me so we could discuss how you have been able to accomplish this, seemingly so easily. My number is 813-260-3988. Thanks.

  10. Jayna Hamel says:

    Dredge Baby Dredge!!!!! Great meeting tonight, looking forward to the special events and getting the North and South cuts dredged. Thanks to ABWIG for your hard work and initiative.

  11. admin says:

    We’re working on getting more content so we can all learn about what needs to be done in terms of keeping Apollo Beach’s waterways useable and beautiful. It’s a little slow getting off the ground (or under way), but we’ll get there.

  12. naturelady58 says:

    Hi nice start. Jeanette

  13. Falcon says:

    Love this spot.

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