Questions From the Community

We recently received some questions from people in the community and would like to answer them here.

Question 1.   Since the dredging will start next April, on the South channel, what happens if the funds run out before they actually get around to dredging the North channel?  What happens then? People in Dolphin Cove feel like their donation will have been for nothing Yes, they know it will help the South channel, but it won’t have helped get work done on OUR channel). Or, if we do collect all $250.000, are we guaranteed that the North channel will in fact get dredged and the the “jetty” and “pods” will get installed?  If so, when can we expect the work on the North channel to get done?

Answer:  The North channel will be dredged by ABWIG and ABWIG has input into the Nature Park’s beach projects, which will be undertaken by the County.  The dredging for both Hammerhead channels (North, South and Main) is planned to start as soon as manatee protection restrictions are lifted in April 2013.  We’ll probably start with the Main and South channels, then move to the North channel, so that the County has time to implement its plan for the Nature Park.

ABWIG’s dredging funds are not “earmarked” for particular channels.  The dredging contract will be for 1 project to dredge the three access waterways into Apollo Beach.  Our fundraiser goal of $250,000 took into account the projected costs of dredging three channels – -North, South and Main and we are seeking donation from ALL Apollo Beach residnets for the betterment of the community.

Question 2.  Is the donation tax deductible?

ABWIG is a Florida and federal non-profit corporation but donations to ABWIG are not tax deductible.  Donations are not deductible on federal income tax returns because ABWIG isn’t a 501c(3) organization.   ABWIG doesn’t meet the definitions for 501c(3) under the US Internal Revenue Code, which restricts that designation to organizations whose primary purpose is charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering antional or international amateur sports competition, and preventing cruelty to children or animals.


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4 Responses to Questions From the Community

  1. Theresa Anderson says:

    I went door to door in my neighborhood and collected money for this dredging project. I told my neighbors that dredging on the “main channel” (by Andalucia) would begin in April, after manatee season, and dredging at the north channel (closest to our neighborhood) would get done after that. I told them this because this was what I was told by ABWIG representatives. Now I look like a liar since no dredging has been done in any of the three channels. My apologies to my neighbors.

  2. David Lawrence says:

    Am very disappointed in the lack of meaningful and relevant information on the dredging project, especially following the most recent ABWIG meeting which should have produced substantive information and been made available to the public. If we are truly w/in $26K of achieving the amount required to execute the project, users (like me) need to actively support the next major fund raiser, and ABWIG needs to advance the ball across the goal line. However, to make this final push a success, ABWIG needs to get its message out early and ensure it’s conclusive and substantive! Lay out the plan! Note to ABWIG: your website is sorely outdated and rarely, if ever, a reliable source for information on Apollo Beach water improvement matters.

  3. JAMES MOORE says:

    Obviously, the dredging of the North Channel ( nor any dredging) did not happen this summer. Manatee season and winter low tides are approaching quickly. What is the status of the plan? I have not read any recent answers to this question. The volunteers that collected money in our neighborhood are starting to look like charlatans, as they sold us on the fact that this would happen this summer. Please reply.

  4. Richard Medero says:

    How goes the plan to start dredging next month (April 2013)? Especially interested in North Channel. Thanks.

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