Facts about the #2 Channel Marker at the Main Channel Entrance From the Bay


The #2 Channel Marker has been raised.  At this time there is a #2 mark but it is not lit.  We are working on getting the light and solar panel installed.



  • The #2 channel marker at the Bay entrance to the South Channel was knocked down by a power boat on Sept. 8.
  • A temporary Hazard to Navigation marker was placed and has also been damaged by collision.  Beware!  This temporary marker is not lighted.  It is a white pole floating marker, rising only a few feet above the water.
  • A Notice to Mariners has been issued by the US Coast Guard.  Boaters have also been notified by social networks.
  • TRANSIT THIS LOCATION WITH CAUTION.  Channel marker #2 is canted at an angle off the bottom.  No part of the marker is visible above the waterline.  The marker could be struck by boats at low tide.  The hazard marker is difficult to see, being unlit and low to the water.
  • Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group, Inc. (“ABWIG”) took over responsibility for the privately maintained channel markers in the North, South and Main Channels, in connection with its channel dredging project. (TSS had previously been responsible, since the 1980s.)
  • ABWIG has 45 days to replace this aid to navigation.
  • Channel marker #2 is a beacon and dayboard on an 18″ square, 25′ long concrete piling, estimated to weigh 3,000 pounds.
  • ABWIG led a dive crew of TSS members and County Parks & Recreation personnel to determine the condition of the marker and develop a plan to repair and restore it.
  • ABWIG is working with Parks & Recreation to modify its barge to reset the concrete piling.  (TSS’s work barge was not operational.)
  • If ABWIG’s efforts to raise and reset the piling fail, ABWIG will be forced to hire a contractor.
  • After the piling is reset, ABWIG will work with Parks & Recreation to replace the light and repair the other components.
  • The US Coast Guard has declined to assist and will not identify the boater who collided with #2.

ABWIG is working diligently to replace the #2 channel marker.


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