Observer News Article on our Fundraiser at The Alley

Bowling for dollars, ABWIG crosses the finish line

23/10/2013 16:54:00Mitch_Traphagen
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imageThe organization’s final fundraiser pushed them over their $250,000 goal. Photo Mitch Traphagen

The goal: to ensure that Apollo Beach remains a waterfront community


For the past three years, ABWIG, the Apollo Beach Waterways Improvement Group has been beating the drums and knocking on doors in an effort to ensure that Apollo Beach remains a waterfront community. Their goal was to raise a quarter of a million dollars to dredge the north, south and main channels leading into the community from Tampa Bay. After countless fundraisers, monthly meetings, open houses and words (and no small amount of dollars) of support from area businesses, county officials and consultants, that goal has been reached with a final fundraiser held on Sunday. ABWIG turned three years of work into success.

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