We Need Your Help……….


We are almost there……….each day we are getting closer to the realization of  dredging the access channels to our wonderful waterfront community.  None of us could have imagined three years ago that channel dredging would be part of the “Bringing the Beach Back to Apollo Beach”.

We really need your help now in getting all of us to our goal.  We are so close……..but this isn’t horseshoes or hand grenades….so we can’t just be close, we have to have all of our funding in place.

We have had some expenditures for permitting and for soil analysis of the dredge material.  Both are mandatory expenses but they have taken some of our “dredging” funds.

If you can, please contribute to our cause and help bring the beach back to Apollo Beach.

Thank you for your consideration,

The A.B.W.I.G. Board



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  1. Dave Ewing says:

    I’m confused! After contributing enough to make the $1000.00 list, pledging another $2000.00 to be paid 3 days after the dredging starts in the North channel and spending more than I should have at the bowling fundraiser, it was published that “we reached our goal”, and now there isn’t enough to proceed!
    Wasn’t it considered that the permitting just might have a cost attached?? Where did the sign money come from? Hopefully not from my donation which was for dredging!
    I would like to increase my pledge to $4000.00 (paid when dredging starts) if my original $1000.00 donation is returned now. Hope this helps, Dave Ewing

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