UPDATE: AB Channel Marker Hit and Run Destruction

Destroyed_#1_Main_Channel_5-2014On Saturday, May 17th, between 10am and 2pm a boater struck and destroyed the #1 Marker on the main channel in Apollo Beach.  ABWIG notified the community and within 12 hours we had a lead on who hit the marker.  We turned that information over to the Hillsborough Marine Patrol and they investigated.  As it turned out, the boater in question had in fact hit a marker and done significant damage to his boat.  Unfortunately, the one he hit was the channel marker on the Little Harbor Ruskin Channel and not in Apollo Beach.  Both markers were destroyed on the same weekend!

You can see from the picture above that the damage to the marker was significant and we would expect the boat and tower to have serious damage too. At this point, we wanted to ask anyone with knowledge of this accident to let us know.

Please Note:

Florida Statute 327 – Vessel Safety States:  ” The operator shall without delay, by the quickest means available, give notice of the accident”  Your failure to report is a 3rd degree felony.   The penalty:  FL Statute 775.082  Up to 5 years and or FL Statute 775.083 Up to a $5000 fine.

Boaters and\or boatyards, please report any information about the incident to info@abwig.org or Len Berkstresser at 813 220-2510.  Thank you for your support.



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