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There were fundraisers, town hall meetings and door-to-door appeals throughout the community, and in the end, ABWIG, the Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group, reached their quarter-of-a-million-dollars goal. And now the time is approaching to put that money to use. When that will happen is still a somewhat open question, but the window is closing. At some point in the coming months, the work to begin dredging the primary canals into Apollo Beach should begin.

“The status is that we’re still on schedule to dredge late this summer,” said ABWIG president Len Berkstresser. “We are waiting to decide if we will dredge before or after the park is ready.”

Hillsborough County recently announced that major work will begin to protect the Apollo Beach Nature Park from erosion, primarily using rock jetties, among other engineering feats. The jetties could also help to protect the north canal leading into the community, a definite boon for ABWIG and its mission.


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