ABWIG and the County protect the manatees

Cores, an adult female manatee that spent the past nine months recuperating at the Lowry Park Zoo, took the easy way back to the TECO warm-water discharge canal Tuesday: in a sling on a truck.

Some people raised concerns this week that the wild manatees swimming to the canal to escape the cold water of Tampa Bay are having a harder time. They worry that a beach restoration project taking place near the mouth of the canal, where hundreds of manatees hang out during the cold winter months, may be keeping the sea cows from getting out of the cold open water into the relatively toasty canal, where water heated by TECO’s power plant is pumped.

manateeRead the full article here:  http://tbo.com/news/breaking-news/project-near-teco-canal-raises-fears-about-manatee-safety-20141118/

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