ABWIG Update

ABWIG update: The Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is closed, as the County proceeds with construction of the rock breakwaters parallel to the western shoreline and a T-groin near the north channel, designed to reduce wave energy, minimize erosion, and reduce the amount of sediment washing into the boat channel. ABWIG is applying for an Environmental Resource Permit and our permit modifications are under review. When approved, ABWIG will build the sand containment area at the Park and proceed with dredging the North, Main and South channels, expected to begin in April. At completion, ABWIG will push the sand onto the beach, replace the concrete emergency vehicle & pedestrian way and replant the uplands area. The Nature Preserve, a County park, will feature a beach, bird watching, fishing, nature study, picnics and sunsets! [This picture of the beach is from 2008.] Please give your money and/or your time to this community improvement project! Donate via Paypal on our website www.abwig.org or by mail 2008 Pic of ABto ABWIG, PO Box 3251, Apollo Beach FL 33572.


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