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You may have noted above that we need to purchase and place several aids to navigation to mark the newly dredged channels into Apollo Beach – the channels will be dredged to 7-1/2 feet at mean low water (no more poring over the tide charts to get home!) and have new lights on the North Channel.

You have the opportunity to put YOUR name on the project – in return for sponsoring a marker or part thereof, we’ll put a brass name plate on the pilings, noticing the world (and anyone who goes by the piling in the channel), that you helped to make the Apollo Beach channels a safer place!

PILINGS (5 available) – $500.00 each
DAYBOARD (8 available) – $200 each
LIGHTS (3 available) – $750 each

Please go to our Facebook page to let us know you want to help out! You can send us an e-mail too, at: info@abwig.org



  1. We need 5 volunteers to help be eyes and ears monitoring the dredging work. Work will only be done on weekdays, so each volunteer will take once a day, one day per week to complete a check list regarding water conditions, pump activity, containment level, etc., – no writing or heavy technical knowledge required!  It will take less than 1 hour to complete the checklist and is a great opportunity to go for a stroll around the park and see the progress first hand.  Volunteers will be working with Mike Ginty, who is our liason with the dredging company, and who will pass along the information from the volunteer reports to them.
  2. Phone-a-thon Fundraising Campaign – we would like to run a phone campaign to call local business owners, requesting donations to help us finish up our final fund-raising push.  Can you help us for 2 hours on a Saturday?  We plan to call between the hours of 9 and 1 on April 25th.  We’ll supply the phone lines and a script to follow, but we need bodies!  We are looking for 10-15 people to help out.  It will be done at the Century 21 Real Estate Office.
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