Be a Patron of the Plants

Please consider being a Patron of the Plants.  When the dredging is completed, we are required to replant the upland area of the Apollo Beach Nature Park that was used for the containment area.

There are a total of 3,510 plants of five varieties (listed below)  that must be replaced. The plants are what helps keep the sand in place. Those who donate to the Patrons of the Plants will receive recognition for their donation.

750 – 1 gallon, mature Pink Muhly Grass

muhly grass

1000 – 1 gallon, mature Dune Sunflower


750 – 1 gallon, mature Railroad Vine

railroad 1000 – 1 gallon, mature Sea Oats – Purchased from Green Seasons Nursery

sea oats10 – 1 gallon, mature Prickly Pear Cactus – Donated by a Friend of the Park!

prickly pear






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