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The ABWIG Board has been working diligently on a dredging schedule that would have had the Apollo Beach Nature Park reopen at the end of this month (May) with a new beach and deeper channels into and out of our community. ¬†Unfortunately, negotiations over our dredging contract have not proceeded as quickly as we’d hoped, so the project has been delayed. ¬†Let me assure everyone we have permits in hand, are eager to get started and are actively seeking resolutions that will allow us to proceed with dredging in the next month.

IF HOWEVER, we cannot resolve the contract issues, the Hillsborough County Parks Department has told us it is their intention to reopen the AB Nature Park quickly and then close it once again when we are ready to complete our segment of the project.

Know that everyone on the ABWIG Board wants the park/beach/dredging project successfully completed as soon as possible, just like the residents and beach goers do!!

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