Thank you for your donations

Want to see the latest progress and see the new beach? Check out the latest video:

Since asking for donations specifically for the new pilings, day boards, lights and floating marks, we have received donations of $430.00. This is nearly 10% of our goal of $4400. Thanks to the following for their donations:
• Megan Martinez
• Teresa Rice
• Debbie Caneen
• Debra & Eliot Marcus and
• Dolorene Teper

It you haven’t donated yet, this is the best time to do so. We need your support now!

Y’all are doing great with your donations, we are now over 20% of our goal. Keep it coming, we still have a long way to go… This weekend the North Channel will be re-marked and lit. Please be mindful of the people (ME and Others!!!) working there as you pass through this area. Look for updated pictures on Monday or Tuesday of next week… Thanks everyone in our paradise: Apollo Beach!!! Len

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