Update and thank you from the ABWIG Board

The ABWIG BOD wants to provide an update in the donation totals since we asked the community to raise $4400 at the beginning of July.  We have raised $1385.00.  We are at 32% of our goal.

Special Thanks go out to the following:

Megan Martinez, Teresa Rice, Debbie Caneen, Debra/Eliot Marcus, Dolorene Teper, Bob/Pat McChesney, Barbara Allaert, Todd Gonzales, Dale Dintelmann, Eileen Eletto, Bryan/Carrie Lawson, Elena Stumpe, Mike/Nancy Aldrich and the Tampa Sailing Squadron

For those of you who haven’t yet donated and are in a position to do so, let’s get it done.  This isn’t a Fund Drive for National Public Radio, or a Pledge Telethon for Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  These are YOUR WATERWAYS and YOUR PARK, we (defined as the South Shore Community) need to raise at least $3000.00.  I know we can do this.

You can donate by visiting the ABWIG Website: ABWIG.org and clicking on the PAYPal Button.

You can donate by visiting the ABWIG Facebook page and clicking on the FUNDLY Button.

You can send us an old-fashioned check to ABWIG, PO Box 3251 in Apollo Beach, Fl 33572

Thanks for your support,

Len Berkstresser

President of ABWIG

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One Response to Update and thank you from the ABWIG Board

  1. Dana says:

    Hi there!
    I haven’t been able to find a contact phone number to reach out so I thought I’d try here in the comment section.
    Hubby and I moved to AB from Kansas City, MO last year on St. Patricks Day and are totally in love with the Apollo Beach community, especially all the wonderful neighbors on our street! Have searched for Apollo Beach T-Shirts to sport some community spirit…didn’t find any avail, so together with my friend Tammy (who also lives in AB with her hubby) decided to start small business -Apollo Beachcombers-and have designed our own! We have also created Apollo Beach logo can koozies, license plates and hats along with beach items. Would love to participate in beach opening day…set up tent with all items for sale and if ok with my partner would like to offer 10% of all sales that day to help with the beach fundraising effort. Please call me at 816-694-0123….yes it really is 81SIX prefix. Again we are very proud of our community and excited to actually have a real BEACH!! We would be proud to share that enthusiasm with everyone with custom Apollo Beachwear and assist in helping out the beach renovation project!
    Dana Silva

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