Markers being installed this weekend

ABWIG and Tampa Sailing Squadron Volunteers will once again be in the North and Main Channels this Saturday installing marks. As you may know, we installed two “floating” channel marks (#1 &#2) on the main channel a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the recent storm broke the marks loose and they went “on vacation.” We found the green #1 off the shoreline of the TECO plant just north of the North Channel, in about 7’ of water, held fast by the very thick and heavy ship chain that anchored it. We don’t yet know why it broke free, but suspect a 5/8” shackle either failed or unscrewed (although it was wired closed). We will reinstall it in the Main Channel and we plan to place new #1 & #2 floating marks in the North Channel. Hecker Marine Construction plans to install two new pilings today in the Main Channel, on which we will hang #8 and #9 day boards this weekend. This should complete the channel marking.

If the red #2 for the main channel isn’t found, we will order another one and install it in a few months, when it arrives.

As far as the beach goes…. It looks great and wasn’t negatively impacted by the recent storm. The beach is still there and the stone revetments and t-groin did their job, keeping the sand in place. The Gator Dredging crew is completing their work, filling in the spoils containment basin, then removing the dredge piping and heavy equipment. Although the storm did delay re-opening of the park, we expect to have it open the weekend of September 17th.


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