Grand Reopening Pictures from this morning

Thank you to everyone who came out this morning for the grand reopening of the Apollo Beach Nature Park.ab-ribbon-cutting

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3 Responses to Grand Reopening Pictures from this morning

  1. MelissaN says:

    Thank you for your questions about the park. The AB park is maintained by Hillsborough County so all questions about future plans would need to be directed to the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Dept.

  2. Jeffe Wildenberg says:

    It seems like there has been a lot of time and money put into Apollo Beach to make it look nice. However it appears that all this work is being washed away and/or forgotten. Are there any future plans to finish the work? It it done? Just curious about the future plans of Apollo Beach nature preserve.

    thank you,

  3. Angie Trimarco-Killea says:

    Beautiful ceremony one picture is with 1,000 words. The weather was perfect for the wonderful reopening festivity’s. Congratulations on today’s success.

    Angie Trimarco-Killea

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