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10 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am admin of Apollo Beach Canal Living Group on Facebook. We jave over 400 members and are only 3 months old. We have many members interested in dredging. Im in contact with the county and looking for multiple bids. I would love to ask you a few questions. Please give me a call ar 818-371-0342.
    Thank you.
    Shari Zielbauer

  2. Bill Williams says:

    I am a resident of Symphony Isles. If I am not mistaken we have donated quite a bit of money for dredging. I am a little concerned, the canal that runs in front of Symphony Isles seems to have been spot dredged looking at a chart plotter, and there is a low area dead center in the canal. At a medium tide there is barely 4.5ft. The canal in front/side of Andulucia seems to be fine. What recourse do you have in getting the “dredgers” back out to complete the job properly?

  3. MelissaN says:

    The latest update on this site is pictures from last weekend! The park is back open. The Parks Dept. still has a few finishing touches for the park. There were about 50 volunteers that planted native vegetation this past Thursday. The official grand opening is tentatively slated for Oct. 22nd.

  4. Sarah says:

    Has this beach reopened? The latest update on the page is from September and I can’t seem to find any area talking about how to reserve picnic shelters if possible. Any help is appreciated; thanks!

  5. Bill says:

    How do I volunteer with ABWIG?

  6. Joann kazura says:

    Can you inform me as to who patrols or regulates the canals in Apollo Beach?
    Can extremely large vessels be docked for long periods of time? Can people live aboard on a canal?
    Thank you for assisting me.

  7. Rick Rhodes says:

    Will the main channels ever be dredges in the next couple of months??

  8. MelissaN says:

    We are a Florida Not for Profit organization but we are not a 501c(3)

  9. Jim Simon says:


    I sent a check in for $200 several weeks ago and it has yet to clear my bank. Can you please confirm that you received it?


    Jim Simon
    6312 Cottonwood Lane
    Apollo Beach, FL 33572

  10. John & Rosemarie Frost says:

    Would donations to ABWIG be considered tax deductible by the IRS, as in or similar to 501(c3) types?

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