Mark Your Marker Campaign


  • Steve and Melissa Nicholson
  • Varney Family
  • Bharat and Latika Patel
  • Arthur and Virginia Anklin
  • Aixa Moore
  • Woody Fraser and Ray Dupris in memory of Jim Hoffman
  • Ed Boudreaux and Shannon Arthur
  • Don and Trina Schwartz
  • Greg and Pam Johnson


  • Pat Austin
  • Edward and Kendall Perez
  • Mary Whitney in memory of her late husband, Lt. Col. USAF Edgar R. Whitney
  • Joe & Maria Hocter
  • Dave and Francine Webb


  • Becky DeVillier
  • Sally Marcinek

5 Responses to Mark Your Marker Campaign

  1. mike mercer says:

    August 29 –
    I tried to sail last Friday at 10 a.m. It was very close to high tide. Right around marker 10, south channel I ran aground. I draft 5’5″. No way this area was dredged to 7 ft. from 0.0 base line.

    Are markers in the right place? Is there an issue with the dredge? Has anyone else had an issue? When can we expect it be resolved?

  2. MelissaN says:

    They are not I see that you have reached out to Pat Austin. We thank you for your support of our project

  3. Joe H says:

    Are all the markers taken

  4. MelissaN says:

    Your names are on the donation page for the Mark your Marker campaign.

  5. Lee & Ginger Anklin says:

    Why hasn’t our names been added to the donors list we wrote a check at the Kabob outing this summer for our names to be put on the day board?

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